Pioneer dvd-rw - DVR-111D - Problems

Hey guys, not sure if any of you can help me with this but all help will be appreciated.

I’m using Windows XP SP2, 512RM.

I have the pioneer DVR-111D cd/dvd burning hardware. It works fine for burning cds, but always fails when making dvds.

I am using the media TDK DVD-R 1-16x speed which I am told is the correct media to use.

Deep burner keeps saying things like ‘pointer invalid’ and ‘error deepburner.exe’ I tried using some other freebie software from and most of them burn the full DVD, then say ‘dvd incomplete’ and the DVD media is shown as 0mb in the hard drive.

Also, Sony recorder says driver not connected.

DIVX does not recognise any recorder.

When I uninstalled the hardware and re-installed it, windows says DVR-111D has not passed the authenticity certificate. Is this where the problem is? If so, then why can I burn cds easily, yet no dvds?

Please help ?

Welcome to CD Freaks.

What exactly are you trying to burn to the DVD.

Also check what DMA mode the 111D is running in, that’ll be in Device Manager & the IDE/ATA controller section. You should get Current Transfer mode is Ultra DMA mode 4.

And what is the Media ID of the TDKs & what firmware version are you running? Nero’s CD-DVD Speed , the disc info tab will tell us both. If you haven’t got it just follow the link for it.

Hello there. Thanks for the reply.

I was simply trying to burn data files. It had mp3s, avis, mpegs, jpegs, software. Basically 4.6GB worth of data. I put it all in a multi-session just like I would when burning cds.

The media of the TDKs? It says

1-16x Vers2.1 Rev6.0
Item code - dvd-r47cbed25
dvd-r (dvd recordable / dvd inscriptable)

It says Ultra DMA Mode 5 and it does not appear I can change it?


is this my firmware?

Read this thread to check DMA; pay attention to the “current mode”, and not to the selected mode. DMA is enabled only if it’s shown in the “current mode” field

To see what firmware is installed on your drive, you can use cd-dvd speed.

Firmware version 1.29
serial fcdl261562wl

To see graphically what happen during the burn, can you try to do a burn with cd-dvd speed? Maybe it allow to understand what happen.

Get latest version here (it’s free) and do a “create disc” test.

You can read more here.

Multi-session is not advisable when you burning DVDs, especially with 4.6gb.

BTW UDMA mode 5 is the hard drive, the Pio should be mode 4.