Pioneer dvd-rw - DVR-111D behaving oddly



Hi all,

I’m new here, and I’m experiencing some problems with my Pioneer dvd-rw - DVR-111D. I’ve been hunting about looking for some technical info on this drive without much success, however cdfreaks pops up in google (at the top) for most every set of keywords I use, so although I hate to troll forums, I have decided to give it a shot and ask some advice.

I am using XP SP2 and the Pioneer dvd-rw - DVR-111D, previously the dvd-rw - DVR-111D ran well with 98, and I had no problems. However, since I rebuilt (replaced everything except the drive) and installed XP SP2 I’ve had the following problem.

From power on, if I insert a CD/DVD in the drive, it reads it and I can view the content (ie. Explorer)

I can burn CD’s, DVD’s and read anything I stick in the drive, I’ve had 0 prolems with reading anything - IF XP see’s it (read on)

Then, I eject the media from the drive. Explorer (or maybe XP as a whole) still thinks the media is in the drive, for example explorer still see’s it.

I can shut down the explorer, restart it etc numerous times and XP still thinks something is there. The only time it gets upset is when I try to access a file on the drive…and of course the media is not really there so the expected problems occur.

Next I put some different media in the drive, the drive spins up, the light blinks etc but still XP/Explorer think its the ‘other’ media, and it does not successfully display the content of the new media.

So I repeatedly eject, insert, open/close explorer…eventually (after approx 3+ attempts) XP see’s the new media and all is good…until I attempt to swap media again …

I am not running autorun, if I recall Nero asked me not to.

I’ve looked about for up to date drivers, but not been able to find any drivers at all.

I also dl’ed everest home edition today (at work atm) so will try to get some more detail from that tonight.

Has anyone ever seen this kind of behaviour before?

Thanks if you took time to read this, sorry to register with your site just for the sake of begging advice, but I’m stuck on this one.



Well…at home now and ran up Everest (DL’ed this after reading a post from an experienced cd-freak saying it was very usefull) first thing I did was right click on the drive, and clicked on update firmware…it sent me EXACTLY to the right place (despite much googling and hunting I could not find it on pioneer’s site, probably more due to google’s plethora of results rather than Pioneers failing)

End result, I got the new firmware… and am away laughing…all fixed !

Great forum … thanks :slight_smile: … didn’t even need an answer LOL



This new firmware has not fixed your problem.
It just was the flashing process which disabled some of the installed junk drivers.


Sounds like he got a 2-for-1 deal, flashed to the latest firmware AND the problem went away thanks to the driver correction. Can’t beat that deal :slight_smile:


Ah, ok so all was not as clear as I first suspected.

So where would the original junk drivers have come from? and how do I avoid ending up with them again?

I did have a moment of in security on the weekend when the problem appeared to appear again, but only the once, it seems to be ok again.

Are there other drivers I should use?



Since you have flashed your drive, the OS has automatically installed the new drive with new drivers.
But sometimes the OS “forgets” to do that and you have to do it manually. Same for setting it to DMA (2/4) mode.


Thanks for the help, much appreciated.