Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-111D - A wave of problems

I bought a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-111D drive from Ebuyer a few weeks back, I installed the drive onto my PC, it all went well at first, the PC recognised it.

But, it wouldnt do anything, it wouldnt Burn DVDs or CDs or read them, after a lot of playing around with settings and ASPI and such, I finally got it to read CDs, but nothing more.

When trying to read DVDs it simply doesnt read them, when trying to burn anything, it either crashes before the burning starts, or after a couple of percent.

I posted some help topics around the internet and they suggested that I buy a new IDE Ribbon cable, I put this in today but now my PC recognises my drive as ‘Pionmus DVOmvw06DVRA-011D’ and also says that the Device cannot start.

Help is appreciated,
Tom Adams

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I think that you have a damaged drive. To exclude this possibility, can you try to install the drive on a different computer? You can ask to a friend to do this test. If also in the other machine the drive is not working, then the drive is damaged.

Surely a cable problem.

FIRST make sure you have installed the burner onto a 80 wire IDE cable.

I have an 80 Wire IDE cable, both of the ones I have used have been 80 wire.

And is the drive jumpered and set up as MASTER and runs in UDMA4 mode??

And is on the end connection of the cable & that the blue(?) end of the cable is on the motherboard.

I did have a problem with the recognition like yours some time ago. I think that one of the connectors wasn’t fully home or I had a bent pin. Something like that.

The drive is set as Master and DMA is enabled, my IDE cable doesn’t designate which end goes in the motherboard, but I tried both of the possible ones. It could be that one of the connectors wasn’t fully home when connecting it to the System but it is incredibly hard to see as the sockets are at the back of the PC and I can’t get to it from that side.

The drive is set as Master but my Slave Drive, doesn’t even get recognised at all, and hasn’t since I installed this new one, this wouldn’t matter if I could get my new drive working as it does everthing my Slave drive does, but it would be nice to read CDs and DVDs in the meantime.

Also, i’m sorry but I am not a Hardware man, what does “is my drive jumpered?” mean?

With 80wire cables (essential for these drives) it’s typically the blue end that goes into the motherboard & cannot be switched. Whatever the colours the end with the middle connector to it is NOT the motherboard end.
If it makes no difference then I’d suggest that maybe you’ve got a 40wire cable.

Just what DMA mode is it running in? It should be Ultra DMA mode 4. If it’'s UDMA mode 2 then you’ve got 40wire cables most likely.

I know the middle connector cannot connect to the motherboard and I know which end is which after Trial and Error, and I have an 80 Wire cable as I recently bought a new one which is definetly 80, but running Nero SystemInfo it just tells me I have DMA mode, I don’t know wether it is UltraDMA4

Check in my signature the link on DMA :slight_smile:

…SystemInfo it just tells me I have DMA mode…

Heh, that link by geno888 won’t tell you anything useful when drive “seems” to run in DMA mode.

Better run a burst speed test in CD-DVD Speed (btw, also a good user guide by geno888, link :clap: )
Guidelines; below 24MB/s = UDMA2, above 40MB/s = UDMA4.