Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-110D reading and writing problem

hey everyone, i have 2 Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-110D and there both hooker up to seprate IDE slots 1’s on Primary and the other on the secondary (I have Sata Hd’s if your woundering) and there both set to master, they both come up working ok on the device mangager but there both not reading or writing cd’s or dvd’s please help me

Thank you

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You will need to check several things! I will start the list and Chef will finish it! LOL

Update your BIOS and check your BIOS settings as well as MOBO drivers
80 pin cables
Check jumpers on back of drives
Check device manager(IDE=DMA/UMDA 2 or 4)
Use a burning software with the current update
Do not use Sonic DLA or Nero INCD sub programs! Both master programs do a great job!

Which one of us is the #######? LOL

i’m just pissed off coz i’ve done everything to get these’s 2 drives working FOR A WEEK, 1 of them use to work then when i added the other one they both don’t wanna work

and i’ve done the above already, anymore suggestions?

We know the feeling! trust me! I just happen to be in a good mood this morning! So lets get started and several real experts will jump in!

What does it say in device manager?

Also, use only one burn program at a time!

Also try the new FW! Can’t hurt!
What burning software are you using?

Try one burner and see what happens! Pios and Plex 716s are very picky drives.

Try the second Pio as a slave on the same channel with the other! Someone else got that to work in another thread!
How much hardware do you have installed? Any PCI cards? And what is your MOBO and BOX maker?

  1. they show up in my device manager both working fine (but they ain’t)
  2. the burning program i want to use atm is Video Vault :D:D:D
  3. whats Pios and Plex 716s???
  4. motherboard - Asus A8n-SLI-Premuim
    Graphics card - Gigabyte 6600gt silent pip2
    HD - Westen digi 120gig and Samsung - 250 gig - Raid spanning 340gig
    CPU - AMD 3700+

Pios=109 and 110

Did you go to the ASUS site and update your MOBO drivers?

Also , do you have extra stuff on a PCI card? It doesn’t look like it from your post!
Just checking!

Download a trial version of Nero 6.#### and do a test!

updating the Motherboard was one of the first things i did
and i just got the graphics cards for now i might get another graphics card in like 3 months from now the same one of coruse

and is it just Nero 6.

6.1##. It will only download the current version!

Sounds like a software issue!

Both the 109 and 110 must run in UDMA4 mode, connected to an 80conductor IDE cable.
Update the burning software you are using. Do a speed burst test using Nero CD DVD Speed.