Pioneer DVD RW DVR-109

Hi guys,
can anyone help me please. My DVD writer in my computer will not burn a DVD, it will burn music CD’s and MP3’s. A friend told me that it was on it’s way out but if that is the case why does it burn CD’s and not DVD’s, it is about 4 years old and used to burn both. So if any of you clever guys have come across this before then please please please enlighten me.:doh:


it’s a common issue for a dying drive, that either the DVD or the CD part just quits working. Simplified: there are two lasers, and one of it went bad.

Are you still able to read DVD discs?


Hi Michael,
thank you for your answer, and yes it will still read a DVD is this significant? either way I guess I will have to replace the drive.

Thanks again
Souz :flower:

Okay. This means, the drive isn’t totally dead (yet). Perhaps cleaning might help, but I am not sure.
Could you please attempt to burn a DVD using ImgBurn and post a log?