Pioneer dvd-rw dvr 109 not reading cd or dvd

I recently purchased a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR 109 (manufactured March 2005) and installed it on my PC. I have 3 operating systems and on each one it will not play or read any CD or DVD whether it is an original or a copy. When my PC boots up it recognizes that I have the Pioneer DVD-RW DVR 109. Prior to installing the Pioneer DVD-RW DVR 109 I had an LG DVD RW and it worked fine. Would this be a firmware problem or something else? Please help.

Lots of threads on this! Do a search on my name.

think master

mate, i’ve been searching for a fix to this problem for the better part of an hour, i can’t find a solution anywhere… :frowning:


If so=
80 pin cable
update mobo divers
flas bios
check bios settings
check device manager settings
update drive fw
update nero
windows update(custom)