Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-107D locked to Region 1 - needs to change to 4


I’m new to this forum so please bear with me! I have a Pioneer DVD-RW - DVR107D burner and whats happened is that its locked to region 1 and I need to change it to region 4 - I have no more options to change it and if so I need administrator rights! Have no idea what to do - Some movies burn and some dont. Where do I start? Do I need to replace the burner entirely?

Thanks for your help


Please post a logfile from a burn.
What media have you used (mediacode)?

Hi Chef

I’m really not sure what you mean by (posting a logfile from a burn?) and also by what mediacode?

Sorry! :frowning:


Hi MarinaM

You dont need the Zone setting to burn only to read original DVD’s
read them in another DVD-rom drive and burn them in the burner
Also changing the firmware of your DVD writer,
will sometimes reset the counters back to zero if you pick the right firmware
but this is not something for inexperienced people to do
I recomend you find a computer literate person to help you
I live in Zone 4 (melbourne East) and might be able to help
But I bet you are elsewhere

wish you luck

Bernie Vink

For your regioncode problem you should first try with DVD43 running in combination with VideoLanClient. Maybe that helps.

What burning app(s) have you used?

You can easily save (+ post) a logfile after burning with tools like Nero and DVDDecrypter.

You can also use the mentioned tool and others like Nero CD DVD Speed and DVDInfoPro to find out the mediacode of a media.

Hi Bernie and everyone who’s responded to my help request. I’m in Canberra Australia. Yeah I’m rather illiterate when it comes to computer technicalities. I’ve taken my pc to my pc techo and he has no idea how to unlock the region code from 1 to 4. He suggests I put another new rom in. More money! If only you lived closer lol I’d have you over for a cuppa or dinner and you could try and sort this problem for me. Thanks for your replies anyways… Happy New year to you all :slight_smile:


Heres a couple of things you could try, how about running anyDVD in the back ground and getting it to tell your burner that all the zone 4 discs are zone 1 or get an RPC1 firmware say from here and have it set to any zone you like:p

Hi MarinaM

I know a few computer litterate people in Canberra
if you like some help click on my Name in the forum and send me an email
also have a look at Http://
hope we can help you


Bernie Vink