Pioneer Dvd-rw Dvr-106d Troubles

My Writer Wont Burn.

Device-manager Tells Me Its Working Properly, Ive Tried Slowing The Speed It Burns At And Ive Got More Codec’s Than Ive Had Hot Dinners.

It Will Read Proper Cd’s And Dvd’s But Wont Burn.

Its Telling Me That A Brand New Maxell 4.7gb Data Disk Is Full Or Needs Cleaned But Its Fresh Out The Packet.

The Thing Is Someone Gave It To Me Free Because They Couldnt Sort Out The Problem And Fear It Might Be Cream Krackered.

Any Help To Stop Me From Killing Myself Would Be Greatly Aprieciated.

Luv Patrisha Fishlips X X X

Very old burner, have you tried updating the firmware?

Clean the drive, then run some tests using nero cd dvd speed.

Did you manage to fix this issue?