Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-104 Problem

As of yesterday, when I insert a blank DVD into my computer the computer is not recognizing it. Prioir to this when I inserted one a new window would pop up and ask me what I would like to do with it. I have tried a blank CD and that worked fine. I have also tried inserting a movie in and experienced no problems at all. I also tried to bring the software I use to copy to DVDs and attempted to write some data it says “please place a (re)writable media into the tray Required free space estimation: 4.16 Gb”. I have tried it with several blanks and ultimately end up with the same problems. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

You are sure you have used -R media which is BLANK and supported?

Cleaning the lens of the drive is a good idea.

My dvr-104 does the same thing. It does not recognize a dvd-r or dvd-rw but writes fine to the cd-r or cd-rw. Hve you solved the problem? Could you tell me what to do?

Use a Lens-cleaner!