Pioneer Dvd-rw Dvr-103

After i upgrade my Pioneer firmware v1.55 to v1.80 Ahead Nero seems to be actign wierd. It wouldn’t burn ISO.

So how do I recover my 1.55 firmware?:rolleyes:

Define weird. How large is your ISO? Have you already burned the same ISO successfully with 1.55?

Yes I have burn the same ISO w/ 1.55 it was working perfectly untill upgrade. The problem is When I click on “Disc Img or save project” and choose my cue file. After that the screen keeps on blinking.

The “write cd” screen blinks and I wouldn’t be able to click anything else.

I don’t know if pioneer updater allows downgrading.

But these drives have a DMA issue (behave unpredictably if DMA is enabled). Set it to PIO and try again.

Will reformatting the whole comp fix the problem?

You can try it…but have you already tried disabling DMA?

How do I disable DMA and what is DMA

DMA = Direct memory Access.

It is an option u enable if you want to transfer data qucikly to / from any IDE drives. Not all drives support it. It is most necessary when doing high speed tasks eg: cd burning @ 48x.

It depends on your OS how you can enable/diusable it.
if your OS (operating system) is win 9x/ME, do:[ul]
[li]Right click My computer
[/li][li]@ Device manager click your IDE device that you want to enable/Disable DMA on
[/li][li]and you will see a DMA box so u can check it / un check it
[/li][/ul]If you are on XP do to devied manager and fin the option on your IDE controllers.

If win2000, it is more complicated…

Traxdata CD-R Pro-series Ritek 97m15s17f Made in China
Pioneer DVR-A03 fw.2.00
NERO 2016 x8

Platinium DVD-R RitekF1 Made in Tajwan
Pioneer DVR-A03 fw.2.00
ImgBurn x2

Pioneer DVR-A03 fw.2.00
ImgBurn x2