Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-103

Im New At This Im New At Everything…well My Dvd Burner IS A PIONEER DVD-RW DRV-103 AND ITS VERSION IS 5.1.2535.0 Was Working A Few Weeks Ago And Now It Wont I"ve Tried Everything. It Wont Even Read Any Dvd’s Or Cd’s All It Does Is Just Spin And Spin…i Was Wondering If Anybody Knew Anything…this Computer Is A Few Years Old…so Please Help Me!!!

5.1.2535.0 is the ide driver version, nothing else.
Considering the age of this drive, it may have failed over time…

Find out the firmware version on the drive. > discinfo, nero infotool
Also check the devicemanager entries for problems. > yellow or red marks
Finally, try to boot from a cd or dvd. > they must be bootable of course