PIONEER DVD-ROM DVD-106 V1.22 and click noises with DVD+RW?

The only reason why I still have this DVD-ROM on my system is because I love the slot loading mechanism. This is the drive that I use for almost everything that is not burning (gamming, general DVD and CD use, DVD ripping, program installing, etc). It is flashed with RPC-1 FW.

The bad point of this drive is that it doesn’t like any kind of DVDRW media (no probs with DVD-R or DVD+R). I think its because the drive is just too old and that media was not released in that time. I don’t know of any new firmware for it and this FW is maybe 3 or more years old, I downloaded it from I think.

The question is:

I can read some DVDRW disks after letting the drive stress itself trying to recognize them. It clicks a lot (continous clicks like short mini machine gun bursts 5 at a time) before it can actually access the media. The results are terrible even after accessing the discs, CD-Speed transfer tests are just pathetic. Is it better to not try to access this kind of media on this drive anymore? Can the DVD-ROM get damaged with this clicks?

As a finishing point, doesn anybody know of a newer or improved FW for this drive that gives better compatibility with DVD+RW media?

Thanks a lot.

I got the same drive and same problem as you, but only with +rw not the - one.
I never find any newer firmware update than 1.22, It simply because there is no more official support for it…
This drive is 3 years old so…maybe its time to change.

Thanks for your quick answer.
Time to change yes, but it must be a slot loaded drive, I love this feature. Have you seen any new slot loaded DVD-ROMs out there that are compatible with everything? I would love a slot loaded Liteon, but AFAIK they don’t exist.