Pioneer dvd-rom 106s

hi there peeps
i am new to all this malarky so don’t take the piss

i have a dvd-rom in my computer which just doesn’t satisfactorily play dvds. i was wondering if any of you know if there is a dvd version of the CD Xpress software from highpoint. Otherwise is there any other way i could make it better (the video jumps and the sound crackles).

if any of you have any ideas i would be very grateful…


Any more info on your system would be useful, it is hard to help you if we don’t have all the details…

But video playback depends on both software as well as hardware.

PowerDVD or WinDVD are one of the most common programs for DVD playback on the PC. The pioneer is one of the best DVD players.

If your video playback stutters, it could be a hardware problem (not strong enough CPU, too little memory) or a software problem (other programs running in background, wrong playback software or perhaps a driver problem).

So you see, anymore information would make it a whole lot easier to help you…