Pioneer DVD recorders suffer from high speed writing bug

I just posted the article Pioneer DVD recorders suffer from high speed writing bug.

Pioneer has posted information on their website that warns for the malfunction of several DVD recording models when writing to new high speed DVD-R/DVD-RW discs. There seems to be a bug in the…

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Thanks for the info. I’ll flash the firmware as soon as it gets RPC-1 patched.

SaTaN: read the f*cking news, it already says that! Quote: “Responding to this situation, Pioneer is informing all users of the problem via its website and advising them to download a program for updating the internal software” Now what part of that didn’t YOU understand that you had to REPEAT it for yourself? Some ppl can think for themselves as you pointed out ya know, but obviously not you.

Web-Junkie, what you got caught in your ass?! He knows this, and so does everyone else, he is simply commenting on it. Get your dumb ass attitude fixed.

Lol, Web-Junkie! you’re funny! Guess you never read the posting rules: ‘Do not start flaming or offense other people. Keep it nice here!’ He He!! There was no need for you to be nasty about it. :r

I saw exactly what Web-Junkie saw, you said nothing about RPC-1 patched in your original post. You somehow managed to edit it. Your original post was something like, “Thanks for the info. Thankfully an updated BIOS available on Pioneer’s website will fix this problem.”

Even if it did, what was wrong with that then?

SaTaN did edit his post, and this is his final warning, behave or your reaction capabilities will be limited…

/flame mode off I just fought a bit of fire with fire. I’ll try not to get sucked into a ‘mini’ flame war again :slight_smile: Appologies to all concerned.

There’s nothing wrong with it. You were making it look like WJ was reading your 1st post incorrectly and I was just pointing out that WJ was not. /me also notices you edited your 2nd post. Again nothing wrong, I’m just pointing it out.

DoMiN8ToR: That’s why I told you guys over a year ago that you should add a ‘edited by…’ on the edited posts.