Pioneer DVD recorder has fake copy protectection alerts

I’m trying to copy some TV shows from VHS to DVD and the darn machine stops recording and saids; that its copy protected when I know its not copy protected because there TV show from ABC NBC and other channels. Copy protected material only exist on Movies that ARE copy protected. If anyone wanna guide me the right way please help. :bow:

Did you check all your menu settings ?
on which media did you record ? (try other types or modes*)
maybe you have protected recordings on same disc/device ?
re-format RW media ? (filesystem screwed-up)
switch-off any Automatic Gain Control ?
Interferrence other equipment or cables ?
WiFi or other wireless equipment near dvdPVR?

*-RW -R media Video/VR mode

I’m using Fuji DVD-R media 16x. The DVD recorder model is: Pioneer DVD recorder DVR 231

This is the problem called “Microvision” embadded in your pioneer,
Buy one of the “Video Enhancer Device” or Video Stabilizer then can have it Region free and Macrovision free.

I have a DVR 210 and I never experience such problems but I always use RW media with TV shows.