Pioneer dvd recorder 530H-S

i bought a pioneer dvd recorder 530H-S about a month ago i downloaded the tv guide ok and i was able to record from it,but now i cannot download the tv guide i keep on going through the setup and the epg comes on but still no tv guide how can i get the tv guide back…please help


Just a thought, are you bringing the unit out of standby before the EPG has finished downloading?



I bought 2 Pioneer DVR-533H’s in late October and the guide downloaded successfully on both of them when they were first hooked up.

Both systems lost the guide back on November 23rd and I have not been able to get it back, I have tried many things.

  • Resetting the guide using different Postal Codes
  • Unplugging the unit for over 24 hours and going through initial setup again
  • Moving one of the systems to my parents house, who have a different cable provider

Still no guide. It kills me that the guide disappeared 31 days after I purchased it and it was one of the features that I bought the Pioneer system for.

Anyone else lose their guide recently? Any ideas?

Did you wipe out the old initial setup before running the initial setup wizard again? See page 98. Let us know how it went.

I do not have the problem you have expressed … but there is a good read here about it …