Pioneer DVD (re-)recordable drive for pc

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Source: Pioneer Press center

Pioneer New Media Technologies, Inc., the leader in recordable DVD technology, today announced the world’s first combination recordable…

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the prices are still to high to favour it, you may as well burn a coulple of cds. besides, how many dvd products are out yet? how many people (

only 2x? how long is it going to take to burn a full dvd @ 4.5gb?

He guys pssstssst
don’t buy this Drive, did you see that the Data transport of a normal (!)CD is onley 4 speed.
My turtle can even do beter than that.
Buy yourselfs that Yamaha 16x
or even beter the Plex 12x
and burn it al on CD it works for ALL even de TL-DVD.
Thit you no that a blank DVD is still at FL 75,00
That’s WAY to expensif.
And on the site of Pioneer the say
nothing about what the drive costs…I say from start…
TO much…
1x and 2x hahahahahhahahaha
even my granny is better than that hahahahahahhha

Too early for dvd writers…give it time and it will be perfected. Its so expensive for the media too. About 45 $ per piece.

He shithead (dbdesign)

1x and 2x DVD-speed are not as slow as 1x and 2x CD speed!

Nope, 2 speed for 4,7 GB is about 1 hour. So it’s quite fast i think.


have u ever thought of the write to size ratio??? writing @ 1x or 2x for a 650mb takes the same time as writing @ 1x or 2x for a 6.4Gb CD! i am not willing to site 4 an hour waiting to write a cd and especially what can i use 4.7Gb right now for? the CDs are expensive and i dont have the cash to cough out!

Until the day when you can write dual layer (never gonna happen) then the drives will be pointless as copying software and movies wont be possible!

What can I say!

DVD speed at 1x = 8x at a normal CD-rom so 2xDVD is 16x wright mode on a CD-R that is faster than most CDR units can offer.

Then why does it burn’s normal cd’s on 4X when it could be able to burn them on 16X.
Still i’m not going to wait an hour for a dvd to finish, let’s make that 20 minutes and i’m interested

35$ for an DVD-R? So I can better buy the original TL-DVD than a copy, Im cheaper out then. But those Drives are fast…formatting an entire DVD takes about 2 minutes. That would be just the TOC I guess.
And whats all this about DVD-RAM I’ve been hearing about??

Well it is better than nothing but only speed 2x, it’s maybe little bit too slow.

I burn CD’s in 15 or 8 minutes so an hour, no thanks like Cyberjunky said, “make it 20 minutes and I’m interested”.

Please remember that DVD-RW discs can NOT be read by any existing standard DVD-ROM drive or DVD-Video player!!!

Better wait for DVD+RW, the DVD+RW is the only format with full compatibility with all (100+ million) DVD players that have been sold to date. For more info, see