Pioneer DVD-R/W reading error

I have a few questions, so didnt know which forum, so I will just stay in my comfort zone.
I just got some dvd-rw disks, burnt a dvd copy onto one(movie), that was ok.
Tried to backup my files (data) and had a few problems with nero so used dvd decryptor, that worked, but dvd rom wont read them, says incorrect function, also says that when i try to open any dvd disk.
In device manager, says its a standard cd rom, it used to say it was dvd rom.
Still reports pioneer 103 dvd-r/w though.
I did a firmware upgrade 6 months ago, didnt notice any problems.(or benefits)
why does a dvd disk make all those clunking sounds when its in the drive?
Why wont it recognise a dvd is in there?
It does all these things at different times. I dont think I have changed anything.
I uninstalled driver and hardware and reinstalled etc, there is no driver upgrade for this device is there?


Well first of all I don’t think a driver upgrade would solve anything since it worked before. Are you using the same brand of DVD-R/W that you used when it did work?

You mention clunking sounds. That means the drive is unable to read the DVD properly and the laser pickup and spindle motor are trying to sync up to the disc but can’t.

Is the drive able to read pressed DVD media? How about other CD’s, CD-R’s?

Are you using Windows XP? It’s strange that the name of the device has changed. You say you tried removing the drive and reinstalling. Did you try removing the whole IDE channel from the device list as well?

Of course its always possible that the drive has gone bad and is just not functioning properly. The best and easiest way to test that is to just put it in another computer.

Hope this is helpful,