Pioneer dvd -r/w dvr-108 & ritek

I have a problem burning DVD’s with my pioneer dvd-r/w dvr-108 drive usisng Nero6 ultra and DVD43 with Ritkekf1 blank dvd-r media. It works fine with Memorex +RW or TDK +R. Why won’t the Ritekf1 -r discs work? anyone know?

its not supported in the firmware probably , updating firmware may resolve it but if not theres nothing to do except using other medias

Thanks for your response. I have updated the firmware already, so I guess there’s nothing to do but use the other media as you said. Just seems strange.
Thanks again

This is why Pioneer always ranks poorly in the “media compatibility” department. Sorry about that.

Pioneer doesn’t like to update their media compatbility for Taiwanese media. Japan vs. Taiwan, we all lose in this case. If you want to burn the newest Ritek your best bet is a MIT drive. The Pioneers do an excellent job of burning the older Ritek products however.


I have a pioneer DVR-109 with firmware 1.58 and use Ritek 8X DVD+R and have had no problems yet. I have burned about 100 discs, all Ritek. I don’t know what the differences are between the DVR-108 and DVR-109. I did however have problems with DVD43, I was assuming that it was DVD43 that had a problem since the website did mention that it was very sensitive. Have you tried burning with another application?

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You might give that a try and see what happens with Ritek media.

Bit of an old topic, but some of this should be replied to:

Ritek 8x DVD+R is a completely different thing, basically. Ritek followed a certain formula for their media codes (“RITEKG0x” and “RITEK.R0x”) which made things easy to follow for manufacturers. NEC, for example, has up to RITEKG09 listed in their firmwares, although nothing exists. For 16x media, Ritek decided to go with “RITEKF1” and “RITEK.P16”, a totally different name, so new firmware is required that knows these media codes. Since this is a firmware level problem, different software is irrelevant.

What firmware do you have I have tried the same media and many others and never had a problem. But I have use very little f1 media only for playing with to see how it was. I am using NIL: "DVR-108 v1.18 RPC-1 + 12xRip + nx4al.

The only thing I have a problem is the cheap media I buy at the Fry’s near me but I know it is cheap and crap media. I call it my buddy disc. :wink: The media of my choice if they are ridata/riteck/ricoh are the “RicohJpn R01”(4x +r) RiteckR03" (8x +r) and of course TYG01 & 02. What is your main purpose for using the faster media, save a minute or so?