Pioneer DVD-R DVR-105 problem

My Pioneer DVD-R DVR-105 is not seeing blank disks that are inserted in the drive.
I am running XP Pro. I have checked the drive using Device Manager; it sees the drive and says the driver is current and the device is working properly. Ha!
I’ve tried Nero and NTI CD-Maker 6 and the results are the same with both programs. When I try to burn, the drive spits out the blank disk and prompts me to insert a disk.
The problem began after using DVD X Copy Gold, although everything ran smoothly when I copied a DVD. I wonder if DVD X Copy changed a setting somewhere.
Please help!

I am running the same things as you. DVD Pioneer 105 with Nero. Actually I have just downloaded the version # to try. My DVD players finds the disk without any problem as long as I make sure I check the proper one. If you still have a problem try uninstalling the drive then restart Windows and let it find it and set it up. Some time things get corrupted for any ole reason. Also you might try using Aspi check to make sure everything you need is installed.
I know I’m not real good at this thing but I hope some of this helps you.

Thanks for your response. Here’s another thing.
When I checked the properties of the DVD-RW drive Friday night, without a disk in the drive this time, I noticed the graphic showed the disk as being full – the disk is blue. I thought if there was no disk in the drive, there was no graphical display.
I wonder if that is what is causing my software to prompt me to “insert disk.” It’s seeing a full disk.
Now what would cause that? I sometimes think Microsoft built something into Windows XP to prevent copying commercial DVDs or CDs. I’m not pirating, I’m copying “Finding Nemo” so when my kids wreck the original DVD – as they are wont to do – I’ll have a backup.
But Microsoft would never do something like that. … Would they?

I did the same thing with Finding Nemo only I used DVDX COPY and had no problem. I am only just learning how to do it the real way.