Pioneer DVD-R DVDR-108 stopped reading discs



I have a PC with both windows ME and XP. My Pioneer DVD drive, which I use for reading and writing all disks and installing software etc., has suddenly stopped reading disks in windows XP, but still works perfectly in ME. Strangely, I can still burn a disk in XP, but when I insert a data or software disk of any kind it is not showing up and doesn’t open. The drive boots up and I can hear it spinning, but comtents can’t be viewed. I’ve tried the firmware update with no success. I rarely use windows ME now, for obvious reasons, and really need to get the drive reading discs again. Can anyone help?


Clearly and obviously an OS/drivers problem, so flashing another firmware cannot ever help.


I did not uninstall any DVD/CD burning software, so is this relevant to my problem? I’m quite good with computers, but I really don’t understand any of that - much too advanced for me.


Maybe just “Auto Insert Notification” is disabled.