Pioneer DVD_R 112D not doing dual layer!

Can any one help before my PC goes out the window!

I got a pioneer DVD-R 112D with up to date drivers 1.21, got verbatim DVD-R DL discs and using Roxio media centre 7. Running windows XP Pro with service pack two. Has any one got any ideas what I am doing wrong? Roxio does not seem to notice it’s a dual layer disc and just come up with CD-R every time. I admit I am not so hot with burners but this is driving me mad.

Any help would be great.
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-R DL Verbatim disks are available, but I would prefer to use the +R DL Verbatim personally.

Have you tried ImgBurn? It is a free burning program frequently recommended around here for burning to dual layer disks. Go to the Imgburn forum and read through the various guides to using the program. They can be found here

Here is the download page for the Imgburn program

as far as i know roxio never had a product called "media centre"
also latest roxio version is 9 and you got 7
considering your using a quite old version and it identifies the disc as cdr , it must be the verison itself , seems it doesnt support dual layer discs , who knows maybe it doesnt support dvd discs/burners at all
get the latest roxio or nero6.x/7.x

DVD-R DL media is not a fully supported media in the market and you will find compatibility issues as well. You should be purchasing DvD+R DL ( Verbatim ) and booktyping ( bitsetting ) it to DvD-Rom.

I would not recommend using Roxio or Nero for burning DL Media. Imgburn would be a preferred choice.

Now all you need is a good ripper and something to remove copy protections.

For Example:

AnyDvD with CloneCD
AnyDvD with DvD Decrypter
DvDFab Platinum

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[B]Imgburn[/B] is the best choice, done it several times even with DVD-R DL media. :wink: