Pioneer DVD-R 109 with some errors? or no?Help!

This is the problem. I bought pioneer 109, fw 1.17 (the latest) and burned a lot of dvds in 2 days, but the third day it started to generate some errors. When i try with nero to burn a dvd image from the hard (3 different Hard disk, so the HDD are not the problem), not every time, but sometimes it starts to burn the dvd image and after 3% - 10% burning the dvd, the light on the pionneer turn 0ff and nero freeze, so i must restart the computer then. When i try with with alcohol sometimes, not every time (like in nero), after 3% - 10% of burning the dvd image appears an error " Invalid field paramter" or “Invalid access writte”, why??? then i tried to burn a cd image from all the 3 HDD and there was again an error message like “Invalid field parameter”…so after a few dvds thrown in the garbage i put the pioneer on the primary slave and the LG cdrw on the primary master (before the pioneer was master) and tried to burn the cd image, and…it worked??? before(when it was master) I tried 15-20 time and every time i got was an error mesage…and even dvd burning are working, i tried to burn about 20 dvds and only one time i got the error…so my question is: Am I having problem with the motherboard (Gigabyte GA-7NPRO, 2800+ Barton, 512MB DDR) or with the pionner, or something else???
Windows XP SP2 installed… Chieftech 420w ps…Maxtor 120 GB ATA (secondary master)…Seagate 200 Gb ATA (secondary slave)…Western Digital 160 Gb Serial Ata…and every of tihs situation tried with 3 different version of WinXp ( Winxp SP1 Home, WinXp SP2 (now) and Win XP Pro SP1)…

Nero is crap and use a 80-wire IDE cable!

he is right change you IDE cable to 80 wire cable it will fix alot of problems. Pioneer says you need 80 pin to burn at X16 but what they do not tell you is that if your DMA is higher in xp than DMA 2 it will cause errors if you have the 40 pin cabe. I found out quick to change mine and have great burns with nero without any errors since. I am burning to the cheap matrix 4x that I was using with my lg3030b and could only burn at 2x but the 109 with the 80 pin cable lest me burn at 4x. Will also get a beter brand than matrix next time I am out.

Eh, you have the same attitude towards Nero as people saying the -109 is crap because they experience specific problems… I never had any issues with the drive or any software (and I use nero for any non-image burns).

Samlar, this is some interesting news about the DMA Mode. Mine shows up at DMA4. How do you change it to only read as DMA 2? There is no option in XP’s device manager.

I said that because of the experience I’ve had so far. My own opinion.

I am using Nero since many years now and I never had a single coaster, not even when using “no name” DVD-R with a 107D and its first firmware (was 1.05 I think).
Had 1 Panasonic SCSI 4x CDR , 2 Lite On CDRW drives , and now I have a Yamaha CDRW and a Pioneer 107D. NEVER had a single problem with nero. Dunno what you guys are doing to get problems with that great software.

why dont you use Nero for image burns ? I use it all the time with .iso image and I never had problem either.

Never figured out how to change it to back to DMA 2 after I installed the writer and xp changed it to DMA 4. I was in the process of try that when I changed the cable and it fixed the problem so did not have to go back to DMA 2.