Pioneer DVD Player - shuts off when disc inserted

hi everyone - not sure what is happening here. i have a pioneer dvd player (model # DV-525) and just this past week, when i put in a dvd, i hear a very slight spin noise (normally i get a longer spin noise) and then the dvd player shuts off.

if i turn on the player with a dvd in it, i get the same thing (slight spin, then shuts off).

if i don’t have a dvd in the player, the player will stay on without any problems.

any ideas? i don’t want to spend about $20 on a laser cleaner unless i have a good idea that it will work (if someone has some success with this, let me know). $50 buys a new dvd player, so that is the route i will go unless someone has an idea.

any advice is appreciated. thanks.


any ideas? anything?