Pioneer DVD Player Help



Hello People,
I am not sure I am in the right section but I hope so. I have a In-dash DVD player from Pioneer Model P6500-DVD now this deck supports these formats

DVD Video Playback DVD/DVD-R/-RW
CD Playback CD/CD-R/-RW/Video-CD

I made a back up copy of a DVD that I own because I dont want to destroy the one I bought in my truck. Now The first attempt at burning a DVD -R disc The deck wont read it either will my PS2, my CPU reads and plays it just fine. Can anyone help one what I maybe doing wrong.
I used DVDshrink 3.1 along with DVD decrypter to make the back up copy to my HD.
Thanks in advance


Update found my problem was trying to burn in wrong format, Used Nero instead of Roxio, and now plays in my PS2 so should play in my truck.