Pioneer dvd drive whats the max read?

i have a pioneer 105 dvd drive, whats the max read length of this drive eg. 80min 89min or higher. i need this info as im overburning cds using 99min media.

Overburn reading capacity is not commonly available for CD-ROM’s and DVD-ROM’s. Extreme overburns using 90 and 99 minute CDR’s may not be readable in these devices or standalone CD players. If there is a problem, the burner used to create the overburn should hopefully work.

I have a DVD-106S with similar specs to your drive and can easily play a 723 MB overburn CDR (DivX AVI), which is 82.27 minutes. This is the largest 80 minute overburn disc that I have. I don’t use 90 and 99 minute discs, as I consider these discs to be inherently inferior due to violation of standards and good manufacturing practices.

You are in a better position than anyone to answer your own question. :wink: