Pioneer DVD burners *poof* from Newegg?

Even though I’m considering a NEC dvd burner, I browsed’s site for current Pioneer drives and much to my suprise, there were none as of Jan 18, 1:30 am pst (gmt -08). No retail or oem versions. I saw in another thread something about a certain new pioneer model no longer being available in Europe as well. Is this some kind of sign?

Anyhow when I did an all products search for Pioneer on Newegg, I only saw some expensive refurbished drives:

$100 DVR-106D
$104 DVR-A08XL
$115 DVR-A06USPK4
$200 A04SPK3

I think you will see the Pioneer DVR-109 pop-up on Newegg this week.

The Pioneer drives have sold out there for a couple days now. They probably didn’t want to get stuck with any 108’s when the 109’s arrived or the DVR-108 is just that popular.