Pioneer DVD Burner won't copy audio CD's correctly



OK, I have a Pioneer 16X DVD±R DVD Burner (DVR-108 seems to be the model). I tried to copy several audio cd’s to blank cd’s and the copied cd’s refuse to play in either of my two cars’ stereo. Around track 10 or 11 it just hangs and then gets spit out. One of my cars has MP3 player built into the stereo and is less than a year old. What is wierd is if I chose like 20 mp3s and burn them the cd works flawlessly in either car, whatever media I use (tried two kinds). Is it that I am burning too fast (40x)? I changed the IDE cable and it didn’t help…I read around somewhere that this can be an issue if I burn too fast, but why only when I copy audio cd’s (I copy to hdd - image - and then to the blank disc)? I burn the mp3 files at 40x and no prob.What else can I try/check?



Burned too fast most obviously. I would use 16x spped for such CDs.


How do I get it to show the rest of the speeds? 32x is as slow as it shows in NERO 6.


Just a thought, does your car cd player handle mp3’s?


Have you tried ripping (extracting) your CD to mp3s, rather than making an image.
Rip it to your HD, then using Nero (or some other burning prog), make an Audio CD.
I usually burn at 12x

Give it a go and let’s know how you get on!


Yes I can do that, but on some CD’s I have no need to do that, just need to make a copy for myself. Does Nero have someplace to show all speeds or is it dependent on the media?


It depends on the media and the burner, mostly.