Pioneer DVD-A06 not writing CD-R(W)


I recently bought a pioneer DVD-A06 and had loads of problems. It could write DVD-R fine but that was it. It wouldn’t recognise CD-R and CD-RW or write to them. It would see DVD-RW as 1.99GB audio CD and couldn’t format or write to it. I sent the drive back and got a replacement (lucky as I’d upgraded the firmware to 1.07 hacked before doing anything!!).

The new unit still sees DVD-RW as 1.99GB audio but can format and write to it OK. It also recognises CD-R and CD-RW now too. However, it STILL can’t write to either of them!! I get “Invalid Block Address” as soon as the caching finishes.

I can’t believe it’s another faulty unit. Surely it must be something I’m doing?

Using Nero 6, Win98se and firmware 1.05 (don’t want to upgrade the firmware until problems sorted).

Your problem is one of the few I’ve seen with that writer. Have you attempted to return the unit? With the myriad of problems you’ve faced,that move seems like the most feasible,there’s a lemon in every bunch…TAKE IT BACK…Good Luck… :cool:

Are you tired ruffrob? :wink: He already changed it for a new one :wink:

What is your system specs? what IDE drivers do you use?
What types of CD-R and CD-RW discs have you tried?

It’s a long time since I used win98 so I’ve not used my pioneer with win98…this may be the problem, but it should not be…

Also what brand is the dvd-rw disc you tried?

Yeah,OC,I am tired…of looking that .gif of yours climb that hill,makes me tired and very, very weary,but thanks for asking anyway… :bigsmile:

But seriously though. he seems to be having worse problems with
this one than that one. To be honest,in my opinion,maybe a change of OS might be in order… :cool:

Sorry for the delay in replying.

My PC is dual boot - Win98 and Win2000. The drive recognises AND writes to CD-R and CD-RW under Win2000, but not Win98. Any ideas? Seems weird to me that Win98 won’t do it but other OS can.

What IDE drivers do you mean? I’m just using the standard Win98 drivers as far as I’m aware.

The media is CD-R - Smasung and CD-RW - Princo and Sony.
The DVD-RW was the Maxell that came with the drive.

Don’t wanna change from Win98 tbh, best OS for gaming.

I have the same problems,
WIN XP Pro, Nero, Atapi 4.71 Firmware 107

So If I write a DVD-RW (also -R) data disk (direkt in Nero also using backup function) the data are unuseable, text files dislpay is not correct.
I do the same wirh DVD+RW, no problem.

I am using DVD-RW Fuji and MMore, DVD-R Optodisc, DVD+RW MMORE.

If I use CloneDVD (Test DVD from Media Markt :slight_smile: ) it works fine on all discs.
any ideas
regards Joe

In addition to my last posting, now I have proofed the problem and solved.
Nero is the problem, I downloades Veritas Record Now! and have done the same proceedure as before.
Remember Nero destroys data witin DVD-R(W), Veritas works graeat.
Write any media and type (+/-, R, RW) and there is no problem any longer.
Besides after killing Nero from my disk, Instant Copy now works also without any problem.
cu Joe