Pioneer DVD-121 readhack

Only a quick question, is it possible to have the DVD-121 hacked for readspeed as per Liteon dvd readers, so that ripping of dvd-r can be done at 14x, as this would make the pioneer 121 one hell of a drive as this is the only complaint I have about it.

Try the patched version of SPDWIN:

Thanks, Just tried that still no-go starts at about 4x then climbs to about 9x but with liteon it starts at 6x climbs upto 12x plus, so I can copy on fly at x8 ok, It may just be a physical limitation of drive, but As the liteon is picky over media and the pioneer reads everything I was hoping that if speed of pioneer could be upped to 6x - 14x I would have the best of both worlds, a very fast and reliable reader, I guess I will have to stick with lieon for now

Thanks anyway.

If the Pioneer read at higher speeds, then maybe it would read just like the Liteon :wink:

Pioneer 121 reads smooth discs that are very difficult to read for the LiteOn 166s, hence a better chance to read disks ok at higher speed.