Pioneer DVD-116 @ Windows XP

I have instaled Pioneer DVD-116 in my computer. Then I instaled Windows XP. In Windows Media Player - Play menu - I can’t play DVD. Please HELP !! :frowning: :confused:

I am not sure, but don’t you need a special software for playing dvd’s? As far as I know, Windows media player can’t play dvd…

It is possible to make the Media Player play DVD’s! I can remember how to get it to work under WinME, but don’t know howto in WinXP.

But you’d be better off using WinDVD or PowerDVD!

hai die hai,

you need the DvD codec installed, install PowerDvD and you can play DvD in your media player (v 8)

Where can I find DVD codec ? :confused:

Power DVD and Windows Xp - it works. Thanx :smiley: :slight_smile: