Pioneer DVD-111D causes reboot with Kprobe?

How do people get media scans of Pioneer burnt discs if using Kprobe with the Pioneer drive causes a reboot? Or is it just me that it is happening to?

I thought Kprobe was designed for LiteOn dvd burners only.

Try using Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.51.1 and you should have no more problems.

Good luck

Kprobe for liteon only!

More in general, drives with a MediaTek chipset :slight_smile:
So, no Pioneers :disagree:

Thanks all. I’m doing the media scans on a separate comp with a LTR SOHW-812S. Kprobe caused reboots even with “soft” disconnected Pioneer drives (via Control Panel -> Disable drive)

I thought when people say “Kprobe is for LiteOn drives only” they didn’t mean it would reboot the comp! I just thought it was like unsupported firmware, etc. which generally still works.

Here is a scan of one of the disks. Burnt with Pioneer-111D, scanned with LTR SOHW-812S.

Not very happy about the 6 errors though :sad:

The scan speed I think should be 4x on the Liteon. Probably won’t make much difference but halves the time taken.

What speed did you burn these at on the 111D & what firmware version is it running?

Might be a problem with a bad ASPI installation. Switch KProbe to use SPTI in the Driver menu and try again.

I was scanning with a Liteon 812S until today when a SHW-160P6S arrived. The difference is unbelievable! I wasted a lot of discs based on what the 812 was telling me. Some DVDs I thought were borderline turned out to be very good according to the new Liteon.

These discs are 1-8x discs, burnt 8x on the 111D. Firmware is a bit aged, 1.19 instead of 1.23.

I just got the drive yesterday and was doing lots of burning tests. I figured updating FW wasn’t necessary as the disks I was burning were good Verbatim ones.

This other burn isn’t so bad…

These disks, if Verbatim branded, are 16x and best burned at 12x.