Pioneer DVD 110D will not report C1 C2 errors with CD-DVD speed

Hi all. I have a problem with a Pioneer DVR-110D drive - it fails to report C1 C2 errors using (Nero) CD-DVDspeed Disk Quality Test. The start button is greyed out. I tried existing 3.40 and latest 4.08 with same results.

History: I have a Mad Dog DVD writer and it’s rubbish, C2 errors 1-4 average on 7 different media. Drive or design, I don’t know, but to fix it I bought a name brand Pioneer and it’s much better because the disks play on other machines. Now I want to minimise errors but whilst the Dog drive will run the tests using CD-DVD speed, the Pioneer will not, the start button is greyed out. Pioneer is master and Dog is slave on same port. Yet Nero InfoTool says Pioneer will report C2 errors. Same response with 3 different media. Dog drive reports itself as VOM-12E48X.

Secondary problem - Pioneer will burn at 4x slowest and hits buffer underrun / burn protection. Dog drive with same media can write at 2.4x without stalling. Pioneer can stall without problem, with Dog write a stall is visible in the written DVD and if a stall occurs, nothing else can read the disk. Source partition is clean, CPU is Athlon MP1800, 266FSB.

So Q1: How do I get the Pioneer to report errors?
Q2: Can I force it to write slower?

Thanks, Mike.

This should be in the Pio section.

The drive is not really supported with this tool, use DVDInfoPro instead.
What is the sense for “writing slower” at such media?