Pioneer DVD 110-D

So i’ve been trying lately to burn some DVDs and CDs.

I have Nero 7.6.9 Ultra Edition and I noticed that burning time is taking MUCH longer (instead of 15mins it goes to 40-45mins) and while doing it the PC becomes very slow and everything jitters and stutters. Sometimes the burning fails. I have always been using the same media discs so this is not an issue.

I have AMD64 3000+
2GB Corsair DDr Ram
MSI K8Neo4 motherboard
Pioneer DVD-RW 110-D
Seagate 200GB Hard Disk

Now i know you are going to ask me if the IDE channels are set on “DMA if available”, yes they are.

Not only I am experiencing slow burning, but if i want to install something from the DVD drive it takes an act of God to get it done quickly.

I found something interesting however:

Thanks for any help!

Sorry, but this is useless info.
What counts is the actual DMA mode used.

Enable DMA (it should be UDMA4 mode) and post a Nero logfile.


I don’t mean to be rude but I fail to see how you concluded this was useless information.

Enabling DMA is what i did if you carefully read my post.

The point of the screenshot was nothing more than an effort to get someone to explain why i had 3 of each under the IDE ATA/ATAPI section.

Anyway i solved the problem by connecting my DVD to the secondary IDE channel (which had nothing connected to it) and now i am at UDMA4 like you said. It seems something with my primary channel was not allowing DMA to function (I checked BIOS and its enabled there… so i donno)

Weird, but yea… it happens with computers.

chef is correct because the actual mode is relevant, not the possible mode, as you have already found out. Possibly the problem is a 40 wire cable? 80 wire is required for Pioneer drives.

I think i should have written that i put “DMA if available” but the actual mode was still set to PIO.

And nope the cable is 80wire. I think it is something to do with the primary IDE channel on the motherboard.