Pioneer dv107d problem reading dvd

Hi, my pioneer DVD-RW dvr-107d is all of a sudden refusing to play any dvd media. I have never had a problem with this. It will play cd-r media with no probs. It was working earlier. It happened shortly after I used Nero to burn a custom dvd (which it did succesfully). Now it refuses to read any dvds I put in the drive. I have up to date firmware. Thinking it was a nero problem I unistalled Nero but still no luck.

Any ideas?


Still not having any luck, even though I’ve went through the majority of similar posts in this and other forums. I’m guessing my problem must lie with the nero custom dvd I made. It was my first time using this function, I usually use dvd shrink to burn dvds. Although the custom dvd I made did succesfully burn to disc. Still, it is after this that I have lost use of my dvd-rw drive. Again it plays cd’s with no problems. Any dvd disk I enter into the machine is not being read at all.

Please, any ideas.

Dont want to have to reinstall wndows again.

The fact that your problem started after burning a DVD is purely coincidental. The only correctable possibility that comes to mind is that you need to clean your lens. Run a CD/DVD Cleaning disc (The kind with the tiny brushes) through the drive 3 or 4 times.

Failing that, you might try opening up the drive and carefully (extremely!) cleaning the lens with lint-free swabs and pure isopropyl alcohol or lens cleaning fluid. Do not use Q-Tips or cleaning fluids not designed for lenses. Either would leave more behind than they cleaned off.

Worst case, get a new drive. Your laser may have just expired.

Thank you for reply. I will try that today. One question though, if it did need cleaned why would it be able to read cds and not dvds.

Because of different lenses.