Pioneer DV-717 DVD Player CD Problem


Anyone in here that have had this problem with there stand alone dvd player dv-717

When playing DVD movies the player works fine and absolute no problems…but…

when I insert a normal CD either a orginal or a burnt one the player tries to scan it and then either goes to standby mode or simpely ejects the Bloody thing :d

Did open it and clean the top lence but did not want to touch the focusing device…:d

please help if you have some tips… since it worked from the start it’s not possible i have to do some calibration of the laser??

I can get it to play cd’s sometime… if I really put my will in to it

// Greff

hi there,
i’m interest to know if you ever got to solve your dv717 problem; mine has exactly the same problems; i also tried to clean the lense with no result. thanks

nope… never got it solved. This is a “common” problem with the player and a new laser fron service in a pioneer store is requierd.

That laser is so expencive that you will not do it. I boutght a DV-656 instead and the picture quality beats the 717 by faaaar.

Hope that helps you to make the right choice. Sorry there is no cheap fix for it