Pioneer DV-578A questions

Pioneer DV-578A questions
I understand this unit is essentially the same as the DV-575A.

Can anyone who owns this verify if it can auto resume a divx or xvid video? When you stop and power down, and you turn it back on and will it resume?

Also, can you jump to a specific time, say 4:35 within an xvid video?

My Philips DVP642 will not do either of these and it’s quite annoying. It does work for DVD’s, but not xvid.

  1. Resume point is lost if you switch off the player (DiVx). With DVDs/Video CDs up to 5 resume points are memorized after switching off the player.
  2. Time search is available, according to the handbook, I did not try it, though.

Main differences in playback capabilities:

The 578A cannot play subtitles for DivX movies. The 575A can.
You can upgrade the 578A with 575A only with serial cable. At this moment nobody know why the 578A cannot be updated with CD upgrade as usual for this players. The informations for burned CD for upgrade is inside the 578A player firmware, but at this moment nobody extracted it from the player. The pioneer has some time-out and because of this, the firmware cannot be extracted like people did with other non Pioneer players.