Pioneer DV-545 problem

Hi all! new here…
i’m not sure that i’m asking my question in the right forum here, but anyways i’ll try to ask…

I have a Pioneer DV-545 DVD player with both DVD-R/DVD-RW support, but for some reason it doesnt play movies burned with my ASUS 1604P recorder.

it shows the Disc interface and menu quite correctly, but when i click “play movie” (or any chapter) player cannot play the video, and locks…,
and i have to reset the player each time…

I use CloneDVD as burning software…

any help and advice is appreciated…, thankyou…

<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=3 width=“100%” bgColor=#cccccc heigth=“20”><TBODY><TR bgColor=#eeeeee><TD vAlign=top align=left colSpan=9>"Nylist from Other reported October 22, 2002:
</TD></TR><TR class=stylelists bgColor=#eeeeee><TD vAlign=top align=left colSpan=6>Read features:</TD><TD vAlign=top align=left width=“12%”>Price:</TD><TD vAlign=top align=left width=“21%”>Time used: </TD><TD vAlign=top align=left width=“19%”>Rating:</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#eeeeee><TD vAlign=top align=left width=“9%”>CDR
CDRW</TD><TD vAlign=top noWrap align=left width=“9%”><S>DVD-R</S>
DVD-RW?</TD><TD vAlign=top noWrap align=left width=“9%”>DVD+R?
DVD+R DL?</TD><TD vAlign=top align=left width=“7%”>VCD
XSVCD?</TD><TD vAlign=top align=left width=“4%”>SVCD?
</TD><TD vAlign=top noWrap align=left width=“10%”>MP3?
CVD?</TD><TD vAlign=top align=left>$?</TD><TD vAlign=top align=left>N/A</TD><TD vAlign=top align=left>No rating</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#eeeeee><TD class=stylelists vAlign=top align=left colSpan=9>Comments:</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#eeeeee><TD vAlign=top align=left colSpan=9>Didn’t work whit DVD-R, Have test five diffrent DVR-R movies. I took the DVD-R movies to two stores and we test them on diffrent player, The only player that didn’t play the movies were the Pioneer 545 all the other player played without problem.
I have a old Pioneer ELITE DVL-90 and it played the DVD-R movies." </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

It was a comment found on
What I would suggest:

  1. Buy some good quality media (Taiyo Yuden, Fuji, Verbatim).
  2. Use AnyDVD with CloneDVD2 and burn them at a low speed.
  3. Burn a DVD+R and try to play it in your standalone.

Let’s see what happens.

Doesn’t that fit better into the standalones section? Hm.