Pioneer DV-393-S DVD player (DVD+R DL?)

Anyone have a Pioneer DV-393-S DVD player, if so do you know if it plays DVD+R DL (Dual/Double Layer) DVD’s

It should since pressed (manufactured) DVD’s are DL. Just booktype/bi-set them if your burner is capable.

What’s booktype/bi-set?

I use a pioneer DVR-111 burner

When I used DVD Identifier it says:
[B]Unique Disc Identifier: [DVD+R-DL:RICOHJPN-D01-002]
Disc & Book Type: [DVD+R DL] - [DVD-ROM][/B]

A Logix 3300D dvd player seems to struggle playing DVD+R DL dvds, but the same dvd plays perfect in a Bush DVD2038 dvd player?

Your burner is already set to do so. DVD+R (single and dual layer) can be booktyped (by burners that support it) to DVD-ROM to increase compatibility with more standalone DVD players.

Disc & Book Type: [B][DVD+R DL] - [DVD-ROM][/B]