Pioneer dv-106 and DVDxcopy Express

Hello, I bought a Pioneer dv-106 last week, installed it-
no problem.
Downloaded the trial version of DVDxcopy Express and Backed up one of the kids dvds on the the supplied dvd-wr. Its played fine in all 4 dvd players, ok good i said! I also bought a box of +dvds too.
I went throught the same process but this time to the dvd+, burnt fine said it was complete.
Nice I thought again!
Thought i had better try it on the dvd playes. And it didnt work on any of them not even the burner, oops my first coster.
Seerro i tried a different movie same problem burn fine but would not work, not even in the burner. The burner cannot even open the dvd to look at the Dir in it!
Mmmm how annoying. So i then made an image from the dvd-rw
Burnt it to the dvd+ and that would not work!
So i have come to the conclusion the Dvd express does not like the Dvd+ with the pioneer 106
(I know the trial version you cant burn the whole cd, wanted to see if i could use both + and - dvds)
I tried a couple of other programs with + dvds they worked fine and i can use +dvds on my players too

Anyone else ahve the same problem?


Try using Bit Setter and set the bit to DVD-ROM to enhanced compability.