Pioneer Duplicator



I’m building a 1 - 9 Duplicator with either a Acard or Wytron Controller card and wanted to ask about which pioneer drive to use. I built a 1- 7 with Acard and A07’s a year ago and have been very happy with results.

So I have been reading up on the forums here about the 109’s & 110’s and I wanted to ask between these drives, which would you go with? The 110’s reviews are still coming in and seem to rank lower than the 109’s, and the 109’s have had issues with certain media but a good overall burner.

I am using 8x DVD-R’s by TY and Ritek ( I’m aware of possible probs with Ritek)



IMO, the 110/D is slighty ahead of the 109, apart from the better specs and because you want to use TY media.