Pioneer- Dual Layer, when is it coming?



Has anybody heard when Pioneer is releasing a dual layer burner, my old drive is slowly dieing and I want to buy a Pioneer next, but I don’t want a single layer drive??? :slight_smile:


Probably the end of the summer. I heard they’re trying to get dvd-r DL writing to work. Always some bumps with new technology.


Thanks for that, I presume you mean the US summer not Aussie summer? :stuck_out_tongue: .

I thought that they would most likely wait until they got DVD-R9 working and that that was the hold up. :wink:


Yes, the US summer. The rebates around here seem to run out at the end of August on the A07. I would expect something new around then.



Interesting news!!! According to pioneer will be launching its new burner DVR-A08, which can write +r/-r medias @ 16x, ±rw @ 4x and +r @ 4x!!!, this august in germany. But the most interesting part is, pioneer says that some recent 8x burner can burn as fast as DVR-A08 both inluding dl@4x (i think i remember this lol).

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