Pioneer DRV-110D problem help!

Intel 945PSN, 2x512 Ram (Dual), P4, main board, Win XP-Pro with SP2.

I have my own legal copy of XP-Pro, however when my local computer store put my current box together they loaded XP-Pro onto the new HDD, all I had to do was use the Validation Key from my own copy when I switched on for the first time early February 2006.

PROBLEM – Something has happened, the Pioneer DVR- 110D DVD-CD is not visible when I look in START > MY COMPUTER and doesn’t show up as a drive in Windows Explorer, however it will still boot into Windows from the DVD-CD.

When I go to CONTROL PANEL >SYSTEM > HARDWARE>DEVICE MANAGER the ! is next to the DVD-CD, if I delete it and reboot it does the same, it seems that the driver is CORRUPTED.

If I try to update the driver from the XP-Pro CD I get the message that a better driver can’t be found.

QUESTION – What can I do to fix this?

Remembering that the copy/version of XP-Pro on the computer was installed by the people who put the box together and may be slightly different to my legal one (See first paragraph).

a. Can I get a replacement driver? From Where?
b. Can I reinstall XP-Pro over the top?
c. Can I use the REPAIR facility in XP-Pro?

If REPAIR is the best option what is the best way to do this?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Check the cable and connections first.

Open Device manager right Click on the Drive with the ! mark and then click properties and in the window that opens up click on the properties again and then open the properties tab again and make sure the checkbox that says ‘Enable digital CD audio for this CDROM device’ is checked…