Pioneer DR-105S IDE DVD-ROM review

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'…Overall, the Pioneer DR-105S seems to be a successful successor to the DR-104S model. The data reading performance is very good, and seek times should be good enough…

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A new pioneer?

The 104 model gave me some heavy problems. I bought it about a year ago, and it was the fastest drive around(10Xdvd, 40Xcd). But before I had fooled around for three weeks, before I got the shitty thing to work.
It’s slower than my regular LG 40X CDdrive, but the DAE speed is pretty damn fast(15X). I’d say this would be a good successor to the 114 model.

I have the Pioneer DR-105S IDE DVD-ROM and I think it is pretty good. I have played DVD’s with it and they have worked great. I also have ripped cd’s, direct copied cd’s, and anything else you can imagine with it. I would reccomend it to anyone that is looking to buy a new DVD-ROM

Dr Demento

I’ve got a Pioneer DVD-114 it ALWAYS does perfect audio extraction (tested with Feurio)
Not so good for protected CD’s though.