Pioneer Develops DVD-R Dual-layer Recording Technology

I just posted the article Pioneer Develops DVD-R Dual-layer Recording Technology.

 kamuixtv used our news submit to tell us that Pioneer has now developed the '-' version of  dual-layer DVD recordable discs.  kamuixtv said "In  response to Philips, Dvd format war...
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Which will be the first in the market, + or - dual layer tech?

Here we go again…

Yep, here we go again…and I bet the movie industry is filling it’s pants right now…! :d

I’d imagine +R would be first to market as the -R hasn’t been approved yet, as well as the fact that -R is behind on speed at the moment too, but that’s all i’m going on.

i suppose its time to think about redoing my movie collection… well, at least i won’t have to use dvdshrink or the like. just a straight .iso read -> .iso write with dvd decrypter.

It will be interesting see at what price point the blank dual layer media comes out at. I’m thinking twice the price of the current stuff. I know the double sided dvdr media is quite expensive but there isnt much demand for that and i dont think there ever will be especially with this dual layer stuff out soon.