Pioneer develops 400GB 16 layer disc



I just posted the article Pioneer develops 400GB 16 layer disc.

Pioneer developed a Blu-ray disc compatible disc that can hold 400GB of data on 16 layers. The company for now only has a read-only disc available but expects that it will also be able to produce…

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That’s a lot of pr0n. :slight_smile:


Oh My Will wonders never cease! JohnnyJT :X South Philly


Now fill thaqt up full of MP3’s :smiley:


GO TEAM BLU-RAY!!! Just had to do it :X


I wonder how reliable such a disc would be ? If one gets a scratch on it you can kiss all your pr0n goodbye :wink:


Wonder how long long that would take to fill and burn at 2 speed! :r


Something tells me that with 16 layers, you might be very lucky to get single speed avaraged across the entire disk… :r


16 layers? It’ll be a while before they have a recordable one available. And you can bet it’ll be pricey. And once you’ve coastered a few I bet the neato factor will drop off fast. :slight_smile:


getting closer to a usable size… maybe we might see 1TB. Then I might start getting happy.


I’m guessing you’ll need to buy new hardware, too. Damn.


Well, I feel like kicking a** and chewing bubble gum but I am all out of gum. :slight_smile:


Duke, not according to the article “Since the optical specifications of the objective lens, such as the distance from the lens to the disc, are the same as those for the current Blu-ray discs, it is possible to maintain compatibility between the new 16-layer optical disc and the Blu-ray discs.” :wink:


Would you want to archive your preciouse data to one of these? A 1TB HD will be far cheaper, quicker and reliable…


Why on earth would anyone want to backup their precious data to something like an optical disk is beyond me. Yes, I have done so in the past, maybe 5 years ago I was still burning data to DVD. Now ? I use hard-disks. Safer, cheaper, quicker, and generally just better. I don’t know anyone with a blu-ray burner, as the cost per gigabyte is just stupid - you’d have to have more money than sense to waste your money on optical junk. I could never truly trust my data coming off an dvd / or any other optical format.


LOL, what a wothless announcment. They cant even get the regular Blu Ray discs to sell on the storage side of the market, like this thing is gonna change anything, lol. People still arent even using Dual Layered DVD9’s because of the high prices of the discs compared to the single layered discs. Single layered DVD’s account for over 98% of all storage DVD’s sold. if people were that hard up for additional storage space they would have moved to DVD9’s and again they havent. People are more concerened with cost per GB more then they are with size and people are 100% content to use SL DVD’s. The only people who will use Blu Ray storage are people in certain creative fields and some people who have too much money and nothing worthwhile to do with it. Blu Ray on the movie side at least will obtain niche status and make a llittle bit of money. Blu ray on the storage side is going to be an utter failure.


Are there any news about the 16-layer disc?
Wasn’t there any DVD-R 8L/OL (octa-layers)?