Pioneer / Cendyne A05 under 200?

Anyone know if any deals are going on at the moment where I could get a Pioneer A05 / 105 (or clone Cendyne?) for under 200$ US shipped.

Actually I’d prefer 169$ or less since I know it’s been done for that before.

I’ve scoped out techbargains and can’t spot any current deals - is this a good place to enquire?

Thanks guys and gals :slight_smile:

No one ? :frowning:

well you are in australia right? i don’t know if fatwallet and techbargains will help, cuz they are mainly in the us deals.

but staples stores are selling the drive for 239 or 199 (depends on store). use a 30 coupon, and 50 rebate.

deeznuts were made for scratchin…

seriously though - I’ve got a pal in Boston MA - he can hook me up with the goods - so if it’s cheap in the US - I can get the deal! >:)

Tell me more about this deal you just mentioned.

well, it won’t be under $200 shipped, i haven’t seen it that close for a while. tell your friend to check the price at local staples for the cendyne unit here:

price is 299 online, but either 239 or 199 depending on the store. once he gets the price, tell him to call up customer service of staples 1-800-3-STAPLE to get them to pricematch the local store. don’t let them add shipping! it is a local store. then, ask them (after the pricematch, very important) to apply a coupon you received through email. some have had badluck, most do it no problem, cuz after the pricematch the coupon of $30 off 150 still applies. you jsut get an anal rep sometimes, but it’s not against the rules.

so that will be either $210 or 170 before rebate of 50. add tax, free shipping, and you are set.

not sure if i can post coupon codes here, so look at fatwallet for coupons.

also, lite-on multi burner available for around $234 + tax, with 15 and 10% coupons, from dell.