Pioneer car MP3 skipping problems



I’m having a weird problem with songs skipping on my Pioneer MP3 deck. I can’t figure it out. Every song works perfectly, for a few weeks. Then, the last third set of songs constantly skips. There are no scratches on the cds at all. I’m using TDK CDRs. Also, the deck is fairly new (bought it in the summer 04). When I play the same songs that were skipping on my computer, it plays fine. No skipping at all. And it seems to always skip at the same spot of the songs. Could it be a defect in the deck? Anyone else with a Pioneer MP3 deck have this problem??


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It depends on the media you are using. The TDK stock is purchased from various other companies, some of which produce decent media, and others which produce garbage. The garbage media are known to decay quickly, which would explain the skipping toward the end of the disc. (TDK does not actually have CD-R factories of its own.) Can you please post the media code of the TDK discs you have?


I can’t seem to find it. When I used Nero CD-DVD Speed -> Extra -> Disc Info, everything’s blank. When I use InfoTool -> Disc tab, it shows that it’s a blank cdr, 1 layer, and the supported speeds, but everything else is n/a. I’ve tried a few cds from the spindle, but they all give me the same information. Weird…


Hm, would you be able to post the serial number printed on the clear part of the middle of the disc? That can also give clues to who made it.


i have a pioneer deck and am having similar problems

i use nero to burn a mp3 cd and the first track skips half way thru
the 2nd track skips all the way
and the 3rd track doesnt even play//////
this happens some of the time and im also using TDK cd’s


The serial number is L109JS304194347F04.

Stoner, the first few tracks out of an mp3 cd? Does that happen to every cd you burn? Have you tried different CDRs? I’ve used a few, but they all seem to be giving me the same problems I’ve been having. But then, some of them got scratched, so who knows. They were generic CDRs anyway. I wonder if all Pioneer decks have been having similar problems with reading CDs. I know my old Pioneer deck was skipping a lot too, but it was kinda old. The same CD would skip a lot less, or not at all in my brother’s Alpine deck.


This looks like a RiTEK serial number, which means that the disc is probably not a POS.

What I’m suspecting is that if you are leaving these discs in the car, then the large temeperature changes between night and day are causing the disc to prematurely age. Even with ‘good’ media, poor storage conditions are definitely a factor.

What I suggest is that you try to keep one or two discs indoors except when you drive, and see how they last.


I’ll give that a try. It does get pretty hot in my car on a sunny day, and it’s been really cold at night.


HEY my car deck also skips with ANY type of CD…brand new it stills skips…homemade it skips…borrowed it skips and it really sucks! Any suggestions?


You should be talking to warranty service of the company that makes the CD player or the shop that sold it to you.


I have a Kenwood that is really a POS. Hasn’t worked totally skip free since I got it. I found that the clamping mechanism sometimes clamps the disk off center and the laser can’t properly track the runout, especially as you approach the outer tracks. The solution for me was to keep re-inserting the disk until the high number tracks would play.


I have a bunch of CDs (Riteks) that I keep in my car for weeks at a time. I have a Pioneer deck and an IP-Bus Pioneer 6-disc changer. The discs all seem to work fine.

It’s certainly possible for burned discs to last a long time in a car (maybe not years).

You could have discs that aren’t good burns… usually the problems will become more evident later in the disc when this happens.


Just try with other media like Verbatim and most important, burn them at 16x or slower.


Everyone looking at the media and not looking at the deck. I had a pioneer and the head went out of alignment. it would also skip. the funny thing was, when cold it would skip more, when warm, it would play with very little skips.

I would take the deck back for replacement.

also, now, I have a cheapo deck(cant remember the name its so cheap) in my beater. It somethimes decides to skip the tracks at the end of the cd, and i just give the dashboard a good smack, and it plays fine again LOL. The last time i smacked the deck was several weeks back.