Pioneer Burners in External USB2 Case

I have a Nexstar3 5.25" external USB2 case the chipset is ALI M5621 A1 in which I installed my A10 I get a burst rate of 21MB and can do a successful transfer test but I can’t burn at anything over 2x with the buffer not getting above 10%. I had my LG H10A in the same case and it burns fine up to 12x anything faster and the buffer starts to drop causing the burn speed to drop back. I’m presuming the Pioneer drive doesn’t like the case but it just seems strange that the H10A does quite well in it.:confused:

By the way I tried searching the topic but the search function seeing to be playing up at the moment.

Does the H10 also use UDMA4?

No it only uses UDMA2 but the 1693S uses UDMA4 and it works ok.:confused: :confused:

i think with UDMA 4 , that lite on might be better suited to external enclosures.

Ok looks like I fixed the problem, its all in the FW, I crossed flashed the drive to DB Buffalo 8.39 External FW and now the drive burns fine in the USB2 case, I just finished a 8x burn all went fine, I will try a 16x test burn now just to see how that goes.

The 16x burn went as expected in this enclosure it got to about 14x then the drives buffer couldn’t keep up so it dropped back to 12x just like the H10A, so it all seems normal now (well as normal as I can make it:p ).

Well thanks to the DB brothers for their patched FW releases, they saved the day, I really didn’t want to swap the 2 drives back over.:smiley:

Vell, i was having big problems with burning and my new sumvision Prolific firewire/usb case today, I would select 12x burning on nero cd/dvd speed and I would only get 6x, when it tried to go up to 8x there would be a huge buffer drop and it would just go down hill from there. Since then I;ve updated the firmware on my Prolific 3507 case, and am doing a transfer rate now. With DL media i got up to 7x. Its not the fastest this thing can do, but its a tiny bit faster than my sony drx-800ul. If it cant burn a dvd-r at 8x now I’ll have a fit. I am getting 25mb/s burst rate when connected over firewire. I updated my firmware on the case to this:\IDE%20Storage\PL-3507\Firmware\
as well as updating my dvr-111 to f/w 1.19.

Well, have just seen that am now able to burn at 8x, not more. If i select 12x I the buffer cutting out on me. The load time with the enclosure is HUGE though, 17 seconds, is that normal for when you’re using an enclosure?

Hope im not hijacking here, I thought this could become the thread for pioneer drives and enclosures thread>? Is that ok with you berg?

No prob. with cheap cypress chipsets, both usb2 case and box work great.


Verbatim 16x @ 16x

Just thought I would try this Verbatim media with my A10 in the external case, it actually got to 15.7x with no buffer problems, very impressed (by speed not result :stuck_out_tongue: )and very similar results to my A11