Pioneer BR drive extremely slow for ripping, buying advice needed!

Hi there,

I own a collection of 213 blu ray and DVD.
I wanted to rip all these discs to MKV (passthrough) to my NAS so that i can share my collection between my living room (which is equipped of a blu ray player) and my bedroom (equipped of a raspberry pi under openelec).

I’ve just received a Pioneer BDC-207D blu ray drive and i’m pretty disappointed by its ripping speed under makemkv… It never goes over 2x… That’s horribly slow and it will take a year to rip all my collection.

I’m about to send it back to buy a blu ray drive that will be as fast as possible at blu ray and dvd ripping.

Which model could you advice me to buy ?
I really don’t care about noise as i will never use this drive to play my movies. The best thing would be a blu ray drive that can rip really fast out of the box.

Many thanks !